Fan pages

Dear fan pages creators, if you want your resource listed here as an official one, make sure that it meets the following requirements. When you will be ready, contact DrWeb7_1.


1. Content
  • The content must not have false or offenstive information about OMLauncher portal creator.
  • If you are going to publish news from this portal on your website, you should leave a link to the original source.
  • Fan pages don't have rights to publish information marked private by project author. Under this category falls information that was not published as official news or press release. If disclosure of such information was discovered, project owner has a right to remove the fan page from this catalogue without any option to recover. Admins of such resource will be punished the same way as the person who helped publishing such materials.
  • Fan pages are also restricted from publishing materials that are classified as non-public by Wargaming.net.
2. Safety
  • The fan page must not have illegal programs, their descriptions and download links (e.g. bot programs, clickers, viruses, trojans, password hijackers)
  • Download links should be always online and not redirect to portals with referal system.
3. Possible resource's topics
  • Discussion platform;
  • Platform with additional game content;
  • Blog feed related to the game;
  • Topics that are indirectly or directly related to project owner's hobby;

Please note: if you have found illegal content or other discrepancies in fan pages section, you should contact OMLauncher project owner immediately — DrWeb7_1.

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