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OMHWVoiceover - is a mod released under Old Memories line that replaces default crew voiceover with one used in Stop the Leviathan event (Halloween-2017).

OMHWVoiceover does not need to be introduced to you if you know this game for years and don't miss any events. I think that it's a shame to miss this kind of event because stories about double-turret game mechanics exist for long time.
The voiceover is built the way to save the authenticity, so you will not hear any notifications for these events:
  • dynamic platoon events (creation/dissolution/joining)
  • automatic aiming (lock/unlock/target losing)
  • friendly vehicle destruction
  • full crew disabling
  • HE\HESH splattering (as well as stunning)
  • fuel tank damaging
  • radio damaging
  • track damaging
If you forgot how it was like, watch this replay.