OMMusic is a mod released under Old Memories line that restores old soundtrack used before update 1.0/0.9.23 was released.

Download from WGMods

The story about this mod is boring. It all began with a small expriment of replacing Ensk's intro music. I wanted to hear Stalingrad one because I didn't hear it much that day. The results were not good and I forgot about the idea after a while. After a break I decided to get back to the mod and presented the initial release version. That was in 2018.
Like in every first public release, the mod had lots of minor and major issues that were fixed for months. Update 2.0 confirmed to be «the new frontier» for OMMusic because that update fixed the most major problem existed in the mod - rough transitions between battle tracks. The killer-feature of Audiokinetic Wwise is the interactive music - the music that changes itself depending on the game situation. The tracks start to merge itself in a smooth way, slowly escalate or relax the game.
Update 3.0 resolved music abscence in Frontline mode: four playlists were created for each battle phase. I needed a couple of days to create the playlists the way to keep balance between the beats and the atmosphere. Later in update 5.0, the playlists were rebalanced to equalize the amount of tracks per playlist.
Update 6.0 was another playlist rebalance, but for «Random Battles» this time. In order to improve player's game experience, tracks' volume was equalized in all game modes available and update 7.0 that is going to be released soon, will be useful for TL-1 LPC owners with «Pretty Fly» style on it - they will be able to hear the soundtrack that was created for that tank, but if you don't have that tank, there is no reason to be sad, a new track will appear that was not used for some reason.