OMLauncher: the finishing touches

Happy New Year! OMLauncher's closed alpha test stage has ended, the closed beta begins. Everyone who has previously applied to participate in beta testing will be notified soon, so they will be able to dive into testing process straight away.

Learn more about the development stages in the development roadmap.

According on stats I have made on December 30, 2019, there are 21 closed alpha test participants (including 5 from European region) and 3 players are queued for closed beta. Someone says that it's not a big number. Yes, I don't decline it. But this project primarily targets players that don't want to use Wargaming.net Game Center and prefers traditional (or "classic") launcher instead. Big numbers are not expected to be here. It's just a small project. Something like a hobby.

Good luck in the new year and take care of yourself!