Well-Deserved Reward 2020


November is ending, developers are actively preparing for upcoming Holiday Ops. This event is the most favorite in the community because it's an opportunity to decorate the hangar the way you want, immerse yourself into the holiday atmosphere. But developers are giving away to players their «well-deserved reward» some weeks before Holiday Ops.

Every player is important for developers and that's undoubtable. It doesn't matter what does player think about the game and what emotions he expresses during the gameplay. Hearing gratitudes from someone you don't usually expect to hear them is good, anyway. The Well-Deserved Reward is the best way to show what did you do together with Wargaming since the account registration day and look into the future. Maybe you already know what's in the box or you had a guess if you were reading news from Supertest on official game forums.

Even the OMLauncher portal is changed a little - the main rewards can be seen on all its pages. I don't have enough words and time to tell what I did in the game and for the game, so... the floor is given to the developers!