Overhaul over the OMLauncher Portal

There was no update neither for World of Tanks nor for this website that was left unnoticed. Users' feedback was mixed - some liked the changes, some didn't. New navigation panel was the most criticized part. I remember about Media section of the portal but I can't make anything interesting now in that direction.

  1. General
  2. News viewer
  3. Internet Explorer compatibility


The code that generates webpages was optimized. Elements like current version indicator and outdated browser prompt are processed by the site engine during the compilation while earlier every page had this junk everywhere. Also it helped resolving issues during rendering compatibility prompt in Firefox based browsers. Believe it or not, but latest Chrome (and Chromium based browsers) started behaving the same way as Firefox and it makes me confused. This problem was resolved during the refactoring.

News viewer

News viewer page was building with one barely noticeable bug – the article's category could be set incorrectly. Any article, no matter was it an announcement or else, it was shown as an update. It does not sound like we have micropatches every day, but... uh, cone on.

Also every article now begins with hi-res image that represents its category. You can see it under its heading.

Internet Explorer compatibility

I respect Trident engine, but its random quirks during document rendering drives me mad. The eleventh (and the final) version of Internet Explorer shows the page perfectly without any need to load a hunk of CSS files to keep stuff organized. The tenth version had minor problems with links wrapped around images (e.g. previews for pictures in news). These were easy to fix.

Internet Explorer 9 is another story... flexbox wasn't a thing in its days so, surprise, we are improvising by making navigation panel buttons display as inline blocks. They didn't want to fit in area of 1000 pixels provided for them, so I had to apply some force to fit them there. It's pointless to talk about responsive layout in this case. But, seriously, who uses IE9 on daily basis today?..

Internet Explorer can emulate its previous versions. This allowed me to see how the page would be rendered by IE9 or any other version of this browser.

The screenshot above shows Internet Explorer 11 launched in Windows 8.1 running in "Internet Explorer 9 document mode".