OMLauncher Portal's 5th Global Update

13.06.2020 Blog

The website continues to improve by implementing new functions and completely revising original World of Tanks portal stylesheet used in 2012-2015. Some changes are mostly design ones, some changes make the navigation more comfortable.

Noticeable changes meet you on the home page: static servers status indicator was replaced with RSS feed made of recently created topics on the World of Tanks forums.

Feed update frequency may depend on factors that have nothing to do with OMLauncher.
Moscow time zone is used by default.

News list's visuals were refactored both on home page and in related section of the website. Every headline takes equal space on device's screen. Along with corrected height of these elements, news publishing date was converted in more comfortable format - day, month and year. Also you can find news category next to the date. If you click its name, you will be redirected to specified part of the news feed that will show headlines that belong to this category. Same thing applies to news viewer.
Minor yet nice change is the version indicator between the header panel and game logo. Its purpose is obvious - it will tell what game version is the latest.

The version number may mismatch on some pages because they are not adapted to new portal structure yet.

What will be changed on the website soon - no one knows. Maybe Media section will go away because I have nothing to post in there.
Thank you for being patient and interested in us, good luck!