A story about Wargaming.net Game Center: conspiracy theories and stubbornness


The Gates of Hell were opened and this means that hellspawns will start their onslaught filling every place they will find with themselves. Push out the innocents. There will be chaos on forums, the storm will be in Customer Support Center... oh, excuse me, the poet awoke inside me.

It was like this. I was reading the discussion about the transition to Game Center to find more people who didn't want to use Game Center and prefer to stay with launcher. There were at least two users, their nicknames will not be shown. The first one was stubborn, the second - well, affordable. "Let's get this show on the road..." Oh, I almost forgot about the third person. He is radical as hell. There is no point to keep talking with him because he "protects the TA that is too trustful" (target audience).
So, it's December 19, typical weekday. Morning, approximately 8 AM by Moscow time zone. The discussion was flowing quietly yesterday evening. But it was the silence before the storm (moderators were cleaning the mess appeared as a result) started out of nowhere. Folks were interested how their favorite game is still accessible through the launcher, not only via Game Center. Let's mark our interlocutors with three letters: "C", "R" and "Z".
"R" answered me first, but period of time between the replies was too long. "C" answered a bit later, but the talk was faster. I don't want to talk with the third one neither on forums, nor in private messages. Let the battle begin!.. or not? The actions began at 11:30 AM. The forums are slowly awaking, the "Recent topics" section started changing its content quickly. The players could not start their copy of Game Center that "meets the modern technical standards".
"Z" could not resist from pouring tons of human's bodily waste on the topic starter affected by the problem, calling him names and yelling that his "computer is built the wrong way", "the hands are growing from other place" and blah-blah-blah. He didn't leave unnoticed the "Final Transition" topic. While the masters of conspirology were rattling my bones becaise the first news article was published earlier than I delegated the domain name, "Z" tried to ask me uncomfortable questions. I will quote one, but the translation will not represent the original style of his writing.

I don't get what is the target of your project - are you going to replace WG's update servers with yours? Or what? The game client update task was already done by WG years ago. What's the point of reinventing the wheel? The internet is filled with phishing website claiming to be "WG's shop". Do you want to create one, but for the game updates? Well, ok. I won't be surprised if WG will send abuse to Roskomnadzor.

Well, at first, the server is not going to replace Wargaming ones. The server has only one task: provide access to Wargaming's file storages to download game files without Game Center along with installation using the launcher. Also there are no restrictions in game update methods and that was confirmed by Customer Support Center (and mentioning RKN is useless in this context). "Z" always tells players to go to CSC if his arguments are useless. I think this explanation will clean the air. The leaks, again. There was a leak of private messages initiated by the slowly responding "R". His leak was the starting point of dumbness about theories of universe conspiring against them all and suspicing me being someone else hiding under my name. Let's forget about this obscuratism lasted till 6 PM, when the moderator got bored from reading this and purged two pages with high concentration of materials for I. S. Prokopenko. The end. I want to thank "C" for being kind during the talk with me. I don't decline that I described some things the way I shouldn't but cleared things out later. I want to excuse for this oddity.
There is no point to heat up the situation. Time will sort out everything.