The downloads section is open


Today we open another website section - the downloads. Click "Downloads button" in order to get view its contents. You will see the mods' cover arts on this page and if you move your cursor over it, the description will show up. The cover will be upscaled a bit. All animations are made through CSS3 without JavaScript.
Скриншот главной страницы раздела загрузок

The popup will not appear on screens that have less than 1000 pixels in width.

The download page is simple: short description, cover art, version info and the download link. When you click the download button, you will be redirected to WGMods - the official mod portal hosted by Wargaming. This will guarantee the safety of download process. The "mirror" might appear on OMLauncher portal in future.
Скриншот страницы скачивания мода

You could also notice that the footer was updated as well. It contains more information related to the copyright and has some links that might be interesting and useful for you.