Main website update

Yesterday there was a full website design update. Now it's more beautiful and user-friendly. The first and noticeable change is the navigation panel. Now you can jump to website section that you need within a second! World of Tanks logo located in the corner will lead you to the home page. New website design is based on game's official website design from 2012.

The difference between the original design from its replica that you see now - adaptive layout. When you stretch or shrink browser window, no proportions were lost because the stylesheet adapts to the viewport. This allows to ease text reading on smartphones or laptops with low screen resolution.

To show you how does adaptive layout work, we'll take the first news article published. It might look familiar for you because it was the placeholder for the homepage. Someone also remembers the development progress indicator. It does not exist anymore because it does not meet the latest industry and technology standards.

Now you can see the updated notice design. Does it look beautiful, doesn't it? This will be the only way to highlight something useful. The screenshot of the OMLauncher announcement still has the old design, so you can compare it with new one.

This one represents important information.

You should pay attention to information highlighted like this.

Information that is required to be read. If you ignore it, you might have too many questions that already have an answer.