Pretty Mobile: What's New In August Update?

August is a special month in the calendar. For some people it is the last chance to have a rest, for others its a second anniversary of Dr.Web Quarantine Discord server or an update that fixes a good load of bugs with various severity. Probably new ones will appear soon or the old ones become more noticeable, but you always can submit a bug report if you join us on Discord!

The ticket processing channel was changed during the infrastructure update: all info you need is in #bugtracker-info channel (including ticket template), the bug reports are sent right into the #bugtracker.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed partial mobile navigation panel collapsing in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed mobile navigation panel collapsing in Safari for iOS 9.3.6
  • Reworked the button that opens the mobile navigation panel
  • Increased the area of clicking on the button to open the mobile navigation panel
  • Vertical scrolling is blocked if mobile navigation panel is open
  • Fixed dropdown menu closing in Safari for iOS
  • Language switch button's caption is hidden if screen width is less than 480px
  • BigWorld Technology logo is now a link to Wargaming Sydney corporate website (2-0642-OMLWS)
  • Improved incompatible browser notification's visuals
  • Reworked the paddings in mobile portal style
Home page:
  • Optimized news feed stylesheets and updated its design (same changes were made in News section)
  • Added More News to the end of the page
  • Minor fixes for cards on the landing page
  • Useful Software: removed unneeded page title capitalization in browser tab
  • Useful Software: fixed incorrect sections' meta description
Known issues:
  • Incompatible browser notification is shown above the home page link if screen width is less than 850px