Entering The Global Map: October Update Review

Updated on October 27, 2021.

Our active users have noticed that most of links in the navigation panel redirect to official World of Tanks website. This fact was a little disappointing for them because OMLauncher was designed to be an old-fashioned 'projection' of the modern website in their opinion. This update features a brand new section, which is 'Clan Wars'. It opens us wide range of Wargaming Developer API functions to implement on the portal. Let's see what's inside the update.

  1. 'Clan Wars'
  2. 'In Development'
  3. Full changelog (in text)

'Clan Wars'

The navigation panel is the most recognizable part of the website, probably. In most cases it was completely useless due to three links redirecting to official World of Tanks portal. The situation is getting better by opening the 'Clan Wars' section—you can read the latest news about events on the Global Map and its status. The updated RSS reader components can read any feeds from World of Tanks website making possible to configure it for any OMLauncher Web Portal page. For example, now it's possible to show the latest Clan Wars news from the official website using perfectly done implementation of the official forum feed.

Global Map status is updated only when you refresh the Clan Wars landing page.

There will be more pages utilizing Wargaming Developer API in future. The 'Clan Wars' are just the beginning.

'In Development'

Another new section is going to appear on OMLauncher Web Portal soon. It is in development right now, but we can reveal what will be there now. You will find preliminary information about upcoming changes on the website, game client mods and additional programs developed by us. The 'In Development' section may have inaccurate or incomplete information because the situation may be unclear for long time or change too often. The update schedule is not defined yet due to noticeable delay of updates deployed during Patch Monday.

Please visit our 'Community' page to learn when the new section will be available.

Read the latest news on our Dr.Web Quarantine Discord server.

Full changelog (in text)

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed blurred text in WebKit based browsers
  • Changed page background filling method
  • Increased style elements consistency
  • Removed 'iefix' from fonts for Internet Explorer
  • Added Clan Wars section
  • Updated Global Map link in footer
  • Removed technical strings from navigation menu
  • Fixed the broken link to 'Clan Wars' section when its dropdown menu is open (8-4341-OMLWS)
  • Fixed false positive outdated browser detection on Android devices (9-4341-OMLWS)
Home page
  • Added news articles' links to their thumbnails (7-4141-OMLWS)
  • Fixed an bug causing broken 'Contents' links (6-3941-OMLWS)
  • Added news articles' links to their thumbnails (7-4141-OMLWS)
Known issues:
  • Incompatible browser notification is shown above the home page link if screen width is less than 850px
  • Custom news covers may mismatch in some articles