Fluent and Consistent: September Update Review

August in World of Tanks started with Tankfest 2021 and Season VI of Battle Pass, while at OMLauncher is a red letter day. We plan to add more features to the website before 2022 to make more unique content. The upcoming changes will be major and it is hard to pack all of them in a single regular update, so the website is improved slowly and with extreme care. The legacy components leave us, the running ones enjoy us with new and revised functionality.

The layout became more consistent as well: amount of 'unique' elements was reduced and elements sharing the same group can be reused afterwards.

The bugreports are accepted only on Dr.Web Quarantine Discord server in #bugtracker channel.

Fixes and improvements

  • Navigation panel: fixed button sizing in old Chrome and Chromium-based browsers
  • Navigation panel: fixed issues with incorrect click handling in mobile navigation panel
  • Navigation panel: optimized JavaScript library that toggles between mobile and desktop navigation modes
  • Navigation panel: added region-specific button size settings
  • Added disabled JavaScript warning
  • Reduced space between top navigation bar and content to 170px (like it was during update 8.7)
  • Fixed line heights for all page elements
  • Reworked stylesheet loading procedure, optimized their sizes
  • Unified styles and code on major part of pages
Home page:
  • Fixed RSS feed rendering issues in Safari
  • Added custom news article cover support (same changes were made in News section)
  • Reworked important news detection procedure
  • Fixed 'Important News' rendering issues in Safari
  • Category selection menu completely reworked
  • New viewer: new page compiler
  • News viewer: fixed incorrect publishing date color
  • News viewer: added custom news article cover support
  • Improved look and feel for tips, lists' names paragraphs
  • Fixed incorrect 'Download Game' button sizing
  • Improved bottom area tiles sizing adaption for mobile devices
  • Increased game description text area size
  • Landing page: added links to Wargaming Wiki and WoT Replays
  • Landing page: added a link to «Forum» tile
  • Fan pages: migration to new codebase
  • Useful Software: category selection menu completely reworked
  • Useful Software: item descriptions are processed the same way as news articles
Known issues:
  • Incompatible browser notification is shown above the home page link if screen width is less than 850px
  • Custom news covers may mismatch in some articles