Patch Monday: OMLauncher Portal Bugfixes

Today were fixed some issues that appeared after OMLauncher portal's engine upgrade and some other problems existed before the upgrade were resolved as well.

Fixes and improvements:
  • Removed technical information appearing on devices running Android 10 and higher (1-0642-OMLWS)
  • Fixed rendering mobile navigation panel on Internet Explorer 10-11
  • Fixed a problem with horizontal scroll appearing on opening dropdown 'Community' menu in the navigation panel
  • Fixed a dead link to Wargaming Wiki in 'Game' section (1-0642-OMLWS)
  • Fixed a dead link to game download page in footer (1-0642-OMLWS)
  • Fixed banners between news headlines on the home page (1-0642-OMLWS)
  • Partially resolved window width scaling issues resulted in performance loss on the home page and in 'Community' section
  • Partially resolved carousel's vertical margin on the home page and in 'Community' section
Known issues:
  • Carousel's width does not change in Internet Explorer 10-11 upon window resize
  • 'Community' button misses background image in mobile navigation panel in Internet Explorer 10-11
  • The link to BigWorld Technology website in footer does not work (2-0642-OMLWS) (trivial problem)
  • Old browser warning is hidden by home page link on some mobile devices

Internet Explorer 9 has been discontinued. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 if you haven't upgraded yet.