OMLauncher Portal Got Rubiconed

Who had an idea naming the third update the fourth one while the fourth update does not have any description at all? That's me, of course! By the way, let's talk business.

  1. "Game" section
  2. "Community" section
  3. OMLauncher update changelog archive
  4. New mod webpage design
  5. "Wild demo" composed of navigation panel


The OMLauncher Portal seriously changed in June. The transition to the new infrastructure that features the glory of templated page processing is coming to the end. Some sections were removed, some were reworked, but the ecology seems to improve so fast and even some sections came back to the website.

"Game" section

This section replicates the one that was on World of Tanks's official website. It will introduce the game to you if you got here by accident. The page is divided by two zones - short yet good game description with gameplay trailer and download link along with pages recommended to visit.

In order to get the best game experience and stability, you should use Wargaming.net Game Center to update Wargaming's applications and play the game without any mods installed (aka 'vanila' client). Otherwise no one is responsible for crashes and glitches but you.

"Community" section

Despite that Community section is still under development, we decided to remove downloads section and move its contents to Useful Software. This allowed us to save time on stylesheets optimization and template processing to reduce amount of page rendering jams (see the end of this article).

OMLauncher update changelog archive

OMLauncher update changelogs are back. They got new design and improved navigation. This section didn't exist on website for pretty long period of time because I wanted to find suitable place for them on the website and try to sort things properly. You can click the version number of your interest to read the changelog you look for. The guys who participated in OMLauncher's closed alpha test can recover their memories working on the project by opening the archived changelogs. Actually, the archive is available for everyone, so anyone can learn more about the backstage.

Users who view the website on mobile phones might have to switch to desktop version, but I doubt that the sidebar will appear even after that.

New mod webpage design

Due to content transition from downloads section to Community, the download pages had to be reworked. Now you can find a short (or long) story behind a mod.

Spinning JavaScript on the gun's muzzle edge requires certain skills. Introducing dropdown menus done without JavaScript! Big changes should be served good. To be honest, dropdown menus made entirely in CSS sound both amazing and wild at the same time. JavaScript-less pages significantly improves browser's performance and eases the task for The Wayback Machine's crawler. Dropdown menu arrow is just a radio button. It has two states - either activated or not. Sounds difficult, isn't it? Try it yourself by clicking arrows next to some of the buttons!

Dropdown menus are not available on displays that have less than 875 pixels by width.